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will▓ be easy to arrange a second trip鈥攁nd thank goodness for that!I spaContact: 6th Floor, New Century Grand Hot▓el Beijing, Xuanwu DistrictTel: 010-8353-77


77Rocco Barocco wrapped models in ruffles and bows for a collection inspire▓d by Cuba, with wide-brimmed black straw hats topping off the look.Leopard and tiger print swimsuits were draped rather than stretched over bodies, with soft, full silk coats in similar ▓spots and stripes.Sheer, see-through

blouses were worn with skinny skirts embroidered with bursts ▓of Chrysanthemums

when ▓it was Dolor Sit

, a motif used in basic black and cream or powerful purple and crimson for evenin▓g wear.And jewelry was big and bold, shiny and b▓lack - a trend continued by V


enice-based Roberta Scarpa. Her models wore drop earrings that looked inspired by Venetian chandeliers. The lagoon cit▓y's influence also came through in damask si▓lks, watermark prints and lace.Chinese scientists report ▓pest-resistant cropCrops genetically modified with the B▓t bacteria could be an effective way of controllin▓g pests and maximizing the country's harvests in the coming ▓years, a report by a group of Chinese research▓ers has shown.The report, to be published in the acade▓mic journal Science Friday, is based on a 10-year study led by Wu Kongming from the Chinese Academy of Agr▓icultural Sciences.The country started co

mmercial use of th▓e Bt bacteria on cotton plantations in 1997.Bt is used as an insecticide derived from the spore▓s and toxic crystals of the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis. Sold since 1960, it is consider▓ed to be non-toxic to humans, animals, fish, plants, micro organisms and most insects. It▓ is also said to be safe for groundwater because it degrades rapidly.Wu and his colleagues analyzed data from 1997 to 2007 on the use of Bt on cotton farming in six of the country's northern province. Their research covered 38 million hectares of farm▓land

cultivated by 10 million farmers.The rese▓archers then compared the information w

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illion globally.The▓ bug is resistant to nearly every class of chemical pesticide so far except Bt, which can be developed as an insecticide through genetic modification.The research by Wu and his colleagues showed that populations of the cotton bollworm were dramatical▓ly reduced with the introduction of cotton applied with B▓t, espec

jing, it

ially during the period from 2002 to▓ 2006.They considered temperature and rainfall along with the introduction of the genetically modified cotton and confirmed that Bt cotton was responsibl▓e for the long-term suppression of the pests in the crop a▓nd a host of other unmodified crops, after a decade."Cotto▓n bollworms

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